Tama Instructors Inducted Hall of honors award

Tama Instructors Inducted and Receive Awards as “Instructor of the Year” from BOC

The 2022 Bruce Lee and Arnold Legends of Martial Arts Hall of Honor were held in Columbus, Ohio. They were sponsored by Battle of Columbus Martial Arts Legends.

The five Tama Black Belt teachers who were inducted got their awards from Grandmaster Cahn, standing for BOC as “Instructors of the Year”. They were Jaden Taningco, Riley Lombard, Elaina Gedes, Lindsang Nayen, Ty Wetzel, and Lindsang Nguyen. Grandmaster Manuel Taningco, Alumni Hall of Honors, associated with his younger Tama Black Belt instructors to this exclusive gala event that lures over 100,000 individuals for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Martial Arts and Fitness activity in Columbus, Ohio.

Every single instructor at Tama Martial Arts Black Belt has something to provide with their trainees. Each and every instructor has a distinct way of assisting trainees to develop and enhance their self-confidence. With their compassion and effort, they emphasize life skills. They have more than 51 years of expertise in martial arts. A lot of them commenced their job at age 5-8 years old. They are skilled Black Belt trainers.

Lingsang, from the left, has a bright and lively persona. Elaina is gentle and provides motherly love. Ty, the tallest and most delicate of all, is gentle and Ty is the biggest. Riley is likewise a leader and is very friendly. Each and every of them respects profoundly about the Tama Martial Arts Community and returns to those in need of support and excellence. Their lifestyle has been molded by Grandmaster Manuel Taningco’s assistance. He also commemorated 46 years of instructing martial art in the Dayton Miami Valley.

A great unit is vital for an effective venture. These five growing Tama trainers are committed to being the finest at what they do and offering their all for Team Tama. They are now able to guide and handle minimal groups of trainees as well as individually. They transmit self-esteem and positivity to all people of Tama. Their commitment, persistence, and regard for other trainees have been exemplary. They are all even more successful than anybody in instructing, supremacy, management, martial arts competitiveness and coaching.

Grandmaster Taningco, who is also at the helm of this ship, keeps his legacy in martial arts by providing his optimal to the Dayton neighborhood as well as the neighboring locations. He is happy to find these kinds of young Tama Black Belts get their honors from BOC.

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