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Making your child learn karate lessons can is both advantageous and fun on their part. It is the beginning of your kid’s transformation through martial arts training. Aside from teaching them to know how to protect themselves, it also trains them, the discipline, and a true sense of pride, developing their self-worth.

Why? This is because aside from the obvious benefits of martial arts training such as listening skills and a sense of focus, they are in the process of improving their self-confidence. And of course, a gift of confidence to your child is extremely important; it can be the best gift you can give to your child aside from education. Seeing your child develop their life skills through martial arts training is indeed a sight to see.
As a parent, you want to sign up your child for a class that will not just make them learn new positive things, but you want to ensure that they also enjoy the experience as well with positive reinforcements.

You want your child to be challenged, but not overwhelmed. At the same time, you want your child to be respected and supported. Thus, a place to guide your child positively is a good thing. And you can start with a competent and bonafide Karate school or martial arts studio that has been around in the industry.

Here at our school, we teach both the old school and the new concept of training martial arts to children. Plus we have structured the martial arts program for your child with a student handbook. As for the martial arts instructors, we have Grandmaster Taningco that loves and know how to motivate the kids effectively; the instructors know how to support and encourage students proactively to help the students reach the highest potential and their goals—and enjoy in the process. With numerous years of professional training experience, enhancing children’s self-esteem, life skill development is one of the major factor training in kids martial arts lessons.

What matters the most in our award-winning children’s karate, martial arts program is the value of service that we provide. Grand Master Manuel Taningco is ever-present in his children’s classes. He teaches the classes hands-on most all of the time. His years of experience are of great value and service for your child’s martial arts training. Grand Master Taningco brings years of experience in the training and mentoring kids karate program since 1976. Helping you, on how to transform your child through martial arts training is a gift not to be ignored.

Getting individual attention to your kid’s martial arts lessons is essential. This is the startup phase of growing their confidence in the one-on-one arrangement before joining the group. Your child will be on his/her way to self-transformation with the empowerment of martial arts training. Investing in, a gift of confidence for your child is a lifelong treasure that they will appreciate. Give your child a gift of confidence, call 937-254-7035


The Award-Winning Children’s Karate Program at Tama Martial Arts is a world-class top-notch kid’s martial arts program. Give your child the action-packed Kids karate class and you will witness such an amazing transformation.

Our world-class Grand Master Taningco and his black belts instructors are truly for the children and they go to great lengths to make sure each student gets the most out of every class. And because we reward these amazing kids with plenty of positive reinforcement, your child will feel like a “Champion” beginning with the very first class.

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The Kung Fu style is primarily a Tien Shan Pai, a northern style that is from the Northwestern China region originated from the Tien Shan Mountains of China.

Both external and graceful movements of empty hand applications. The Tien Shan Pai Kung fu system is famous for Weapons training and weapons forms. Tien Shan Pai is also known for an excellent fighting style and self-protection applications. Kids Kungfu lessons includes unique self-defense techniques that involve joint locking application and throws. They are also taught to learn weapons form after their first test.


Thai boxing or Muay Thai, is the most popular combat sport in Thailand, it is now recognized and can be seen all over the world.

This Muay thai kickboxing combat sport is also known as “The Art of Eight Limbs” for the reason that it makes use of kicks, punches, elbows, knee strikes and clinching techniques. An effective self-defense martial art.

A lot of people have become interested in this combat sport since it focuses on mental and physical discipline. It makes use of stand-up strikes accompanied by clinching techniques. Enrolling yourself in Muay Thai Training will help enhance your balance, power, clarity, concentration, and self-confidence.

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Kids Jiu-jitsu Lessons


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, or BJJ, is a fighting style & combat sport that concentrates on utilizing the concept of leverage to defeat your opponent by acquiring a prominent placement over them & applying an entry hold (choke or joint secure).

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training can be utilized for self-defense, sport grappling competitions, and also blended martial arts (MMA). The efficiency of BJJ is undeniable, as well as has been verified for many years a lot to make sure that it is currently a staple of every professional boxer’s toolbox.

Whether you are youthful or old, trying to find a healthy and balanced pastime, a system of self-defense, or intending to become a major competitor or specialist fighter, the method of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu will offer you a lifetime of perks.

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Give yourself or your child a “GIFT OF CONFIDENCE”. Help your child build lifelong skills and learn practical self-defense. Having confidence is one many of the solutions for anti-bullying.

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