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We at TAMA Martial Arts Center pride ourselves in being a dedicated martial arts institution focused on the improvement and development of martial arts applications that was founded in 1976 in the Miami Valley area. Especially in the field of younger children’s karate called, “MIGHTY MITES” and older kid’s karate lessons (SUPERKIDZ KARATE), by way of precise studies and methodologies, plus fine-tuning of practical application, we guide each student into “the road of self-discovery” and self-transformation.
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Founder and Chief Instructor of Kids Karate Lessons Near Me

TAMA is an acronym for Taningco Academy of Martial Arts. It is the center of excellence and high standards of martial arts training both for adults and especially youngsters, teaching children’s karate and kid’s karate lessons for the past 39 years.

Tama Martial Arts Center has pioneered the mixed martial arts in the Miami Valley since 1976.

TAMA was founded by Grandmaster Manuel Taningco and brought with him Boxing from Panuntukan Family Willow system with Willow Filipino Kali in close quarter combative techniques, traditional jiujitsu, Chinese Kungfu, Tai Chi, Kempo Karate, Muay Thai and full contact sparring.

Grandmaster Taningco created the college settings for each curriculum to be taught separately in each own environment style. Each particular style has its structured student handbook for students evaluation and a blueprint for success. Mixed in the old martial arts training tradition and the new comes to a new found confidence in each student’s training.

Our goal is to help every student to be the best they can be and beyond. We give the give of confidence to each and every child and adult in our martial arts training here at Tama Martial Arts Center.

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Give yourself or your child a “GIFT OF CONFIDENCE”. Help your child build lifelong skills and learn practical self-defense. Having confidence is one many of the solutions for anti-bullying.

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