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There are many reasons why students take our adult Karate classes, the Tama Ryu Karate Jiujitsu program. Some students needed to get a push into shape, with needed encouragement and motivation, and some wish to lose weight. Some wish to learn practical no nonsense effective self-defense tactical methods. Some wish to achieve a challenging goal of “Black Belt.” And some train at an old age of beyond 60 compared to the late teens, 20’s and 30’s.

Our adult karate classes of Tama Ryu Kenpo Karate Jiujitsu program does challenge each to be able to achieve discipline. The training does not matter the of age. It is the willingness of each students’ mind to learn, and that is all expected from each student. Our Tama Black Belt staff are there with you in every step of the way for your martial arts journey and to help you achieve your dreams.

The Tama Martial Arts Black Belt instructors encourage adults to learn self-defense techniques as well as keeping themselves fit at the same time. Studying Martial art techniques and skills developing will bring a lot of advantages. Of course, learning self-defense is one of our curriculum we offer. But aside from this, we, with the help of our competent and compassionate Tama martial art instructors, will help you develop your self-confidence and well- being. We also offer different martial arts curriculum other than Tama Ryu Kenpo Karate Jiujitsu.

We make sure that at the end of every training session, you can bring home with you not only the techniques but the right attitude that are being fine-tuned as you undergo martial art training at Tama.

Our adult karate class program is prepared to meet your needs in training for skills as well as personal needs such as keeping your body fit and healthy and emotionally tuned. The program offered in our Tama martial art school will help you in improving a lot of aspects in yourself may it be physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual aspect. You will have more peace within yourself, more energy and balance mentally.

Develop your gross motor skills, martial skills, learn new techniques, and give yourself a gift of confidence you always wanted. Make lifelong friends that have similar interest as you in learning Tama Ryu Kenpo Karate Jiujitsu adult class. With this, you will start to see the world in a new perspective and have that self-confidence, and will give you new meaning in life. Our program will give you the assurance that you can take care of yourself when situations arise.

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Founder, Head Instructor
Manuel Taningco
“TAMA … building knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body through martial arts training, since 1976.”


Come and join our Adult Muay Thai program. We pionered Muay Thai training here in the Dayton area since 1976. Grandmaster Taningco sold three other martial arts studios that also offered muay thai training. However, we are a fully certified muay thai training center.

Grandmaster Taningco, a coach, practitioner, and muay Thai fight event promoter will bring the best out from you. Many undefeated muay thai fighters have been through GM Taningco’s regiment training. Some became pro fighter the likes of Neal Rowe (who eventually coach Rich Franklin –retired UFC fighter), Christian Phyliss Toleque (coached at Top Ten Team in Florida), Joe Schilling (fights for Bellator and coaches many UFC fighters), Toby Grear, Robert Jr., and many others who had walked and trained under the tutelage of GM Taningco. GM Taningco was also a sparring partner of Alan Schroeder who became a five- time Golden Glove boxing champion here in Dayton.

GM Taningco is named into ASSOCIATION OF BOXING COMMISSIONS UNIFIED RULES AND GUIDELINES FOR MUAY THAI. He also wrote the rules for the Ohio Muay Thai rules competition. He has brought in not one but 4 Lumpinee Muay Thai Champion that taught at his Tama Martial Arts Center. He was also named as Director of Muay Thai at Arnold Schwarzenegger Martial Arts Sports Festival for 5 years.

Enrolling yourself in our adult Muay Thai Classes will help your confidence level. It will encourage you to develop discipline in your life. You will able to release stress so you can think more clarity and perform better in your occupation and at home. Develop strength, fitness, stamina, more energy, speed, power, and concentration. But better yet, you will transform you a new you.

The well known striking art is Muay Thai, the most popular combative sport from Thailand is now seen and recognized all over the world. Many people have become interested in this sport since it challenges the practitioner on their mental, physical discipline, and emotional well-being. Our adult Muay Thai Kickboxing classes make use of stand-up strikes accompanied by clinching techniques.

This well-known combat sport is also known as “The Art of Eight Limbs” for the reason that it makes use of kicks, punches, elbows, and knee strikes.


The Brazilian Jiujitsu is a martial art, founder Carlos Gracie created this combat sport influenced by a traditional Japanese jiujitsu is also a self- defense system that has been known worldwide. Its techniques mainly focus on grappling and ground fighting but also have the traditional jiujitsu throws much like judo.

With the help of our certified Black Belt BJJ instructor, your performance will be evaluated thoroughly. The new beginner is taught respectfully and encourage with positive reinforcements. You will see yourself transform into a new you with confidence. Each training will help develop and instill self-discipline, self-respect, mental clarity, and knowing that you can defend yourself.

In adult Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, beginner students need a strong basic foundation in Brazilian Jiujitsu to prepare themselves for reaching the next level. Our Instructors take the time to explicitly explain how each technique works and how it flows from one move to another. Escapes, positioning, submissions, takedowns, throws, and self-defense are just some of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques that are taught within the class.

Students have the option to compete in any Jiu-jitsu competition and bring their skills to new heights due to competition where the self is a challenge other than skills. Both Gi and NO-Gi competition are available for students to participate and test their skills. In our adult Brazilian jiujitsu classes, some members do compete in both Gi and No-Gi competition.

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Give yourself or your child a “GIFT OF CONFIDENCE”. Help your child build lifelong skills and learn practical self-defense. Having confidence is one many of the solutions for anti-bullying.

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