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TAMA Martial arts center


Our childs’ curriculum focuses on tools that can be used to prepare this age group physically and also mentally.

In fact, Troy karate lessons can be a fun and also beneficial sport for your child. It is the beginning to your child’s transformation through martial art training. They will learn how to defend themselves. It also teaches them self-control and also pride. This will help them establish their self-worth. Why? Martial arts training has many benefits, including improved listening skills and also focus. Giving your child self-confidence is an important gift. It can be more valuable than education. It is a wonderful sight to see your child grow in their life skills through martial art training.

Parents should sign their children up for classes that teach positive reinforcements and also new skills.

You want your child challenged, but not overwhelmed. Your child should be supported and also respected. A place that can guide your child in positive ways is a great thing. Start with a well-respected and also experienced martial arts or Karate school.

Our school teaches both the old school and also new way of teaching martial arts to children. The program has been designed with the student in mind. Grandmaster Taningco is our martial arts instructor. He loves and also knows how to encourage children. The instructors are able to encourage and also support students to achieve their greatest potential. As a professional trainer with many years of experience, helping children establish life skills and also self-esteem is a major part of karate and also martial art lessons.

In our award-winning childs’ karate, martial arts program, what really matters is the service we provide. Grand Master Manuel Taningco attends all his children’s classes. He teaches classes almost every day. His many years of martial arts experience is of great benefit and also service to your child’s training. Since 1976, Grand also Master Taningco’s karate training and also mentoring program for children has been an ongoing endeavor. You should not ignore the opportunity to teach your child how martial arts training can transform their lives.

It is important to give your child individual attention when learning martial arts. This is the first step in building their self-confidence before they join the group. With the empowerment of martial arts training, your child will be well on his/her path to self-transformation. Your child will be proud to invest in self-confidence.




Tama Martial Arts’s award-winning Children’s Karate Program near Troy offers a world-class, top-quality program in child’s martial arts. Watch your child transform with the child’s Karate classes.

Our Grand Master Taningco and also black belts instructors are for the childs. They will go to great lengths and also ensure that each student enjoys every class. Your child will feel like a champion from the first class because of how we reward them with positive reinforcement.

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Troy Kung Fu lessons is primarily Tien Sha Pai. It is a Northern style that originates from the Tien Shi Mountains in China. External and also graceful hand also movements with empty hand alsos. Tien Shan Pai Kungfu is well-known for its weapons training and also forms. Tien Shan Pai is well-known for its fighting style and also self protection applications. childs Kung Fu teaches unique self-defense techniques such as joint locking applications and also throws. They also learn how to form weapons after passing their first test.


Thai boxing is also known as Muay Thai and also is one of Thailand’s most popular combat sports. Troy Muay Thai kickboxing, also known as “The Art of Eight Limbs”, is a Muay Thai kickboxing combat sport that uses kicks, punches and also clinching techniques. An effective self-defense martial art.

This combat sport is very popular because it focuses on mental and also physical self-control.

Muay Thai lessons in Dayton
Kids Jiu-jitsu Lessons


Troy Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (or BJJ) is a fighting style and also combat sport that focuses on using leverage to defeat your opponent. This can be done by gaining a prominent position over them and also applying an entry hold (choke, joint secure).

Brazilian Jiujitsu can be used for self defense, sport grappling competitions and also blended martial arts (MMA). BJJ’s efficiency has been demonstrated for many years.

Founder, Head Instructor
Manuel Taningco
“TAMA … building knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body through martial arts training, since 1976.”
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Self-self-confidence is something that many people struggle with. However, it can be achieved over time. As you reach new goals in Karate, your self-confidence level will rise. Karate instills self-control and also self-self-confidence that can transfer to other aspects of your lives.


This will increase blood circulation and also allow you to feel more relaxed. You will also notice a greater range in motion in your joints, muscles, and also your ability to work at your best.


As you progress in adult karate, you will learn how to combine speed and also power. You also establish the ability to focus all your energy onto a small hard-struck surface, like the heel of the feet or the edge of your hand also. You will improve your mental strength by improving motor skills and also focusing on the drills.


The students find themselves so absorbed in the martial art that all their problems disappear.


Tama Ryu Kenpo Karate Jiujitsu’s program allows women to highlight their natural strengths like power in her legs and also use one’s momentum against an adversary. While learning a method for practical self-defense against a larger opponent, With greater knowledge about your abilities to defend yourself, self-confidence will increase. Potential attackers can be deterred by having self-confidence and also awareness.


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Largest in Dayton Metropolitan Area


Tama Martial Arts Center in Dayton is the largest single-story building to be built since 1988 which is just kilometers away from Troy. Grandmaster Manuel R. Taningco was determined to bring all the martial art he had in one place. The property covers two acres. The studio is approximately 8,000 square foot. The Tama building was built thanks to the blessings of faithful and also loyal students who have supported Grand alsomaster Taningco over thirty years.

It was built specifically for martial art school. Taningco’s persistence and also inspiration paid off after so many years dedicated teaching. With the help of martial arts students, his prayers and also meditation led to the building of this immense structure.

His humble beginnings took place in the basement of his home and also sometimes in his kitchen, where sparring was an option. Taningco, who was a Grand alsomaster Gasper’s grand alsoson, got permission to open a club. Taningco was a teacher at the Boy’s Club, Keowee Street, Dayton. Later, he started a club with Wayne High School in Huber Heights and also Habitat Community Center in Miamisburg. After a lot of traveling, he settled down in Belmont where the Belmont Building used to be located. Taningco transferred the studio from the Belmont Building basement to Woodman Drive. This is where “Play Guitar” is located now. His dream studio was finally built when he purchased the land also where Tama is located.

Grandmaster Taningco also established a number of martial arts training programs in Centerville. Beavercreek martial arts studio, Beaverhills, Beavercreek. He managed the Tama building on Woodman Drive, which he sold to his students. He brought Shaolin Kempo, traditional jiujitsu, Filipino Kali/Eskrima, Indonesian Pencak Silat, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Chin Na, Full Contact, Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, Aikijutsu, and also Kendo. He was the first to teach Children Martial Arts and also created a curriculum for the majority of the self-control. When he arrived in Dayton in 1976, there were no children classes. Taningco started SuperKids Karate classes for older children and also the Mighty Mites program, which he created for his first two childs, Joanna, and also Lee.


Student Reviews

“Fantastic place to take your child to Tama Martial Arts Center in Kettering. These children learn well from Master Taningco. He is an experienced teacher with over 45 years’ experience. “
Nathan Metcalf
Nathan Metcalf Kid's Karate tournament trophies
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You can give yourself or your child a “GIFT of self-confidence”. You can help your child learn practical self defense skills and also establish lifelong learning. self-confidence is one way to combat bullying.

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