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TAMA Martial arts center


Our curriculum for children stresses the skills that will equip this age group mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It can be beneficial for your child to learn karate in Grayson. It’s the first step in your child’s journey to martial arts. It teaches them how to protect themselves and develops their self-worth. Why? They are gaining self-confidence and listening skills, which are all obvious benefits of martial arts training. Your child’s confidence can be a great gift. You will be able to witness your child’s growth through martial arts training.

Parents should sign their children up for classes that teach positive reinforcements and new skills.

You want your child excited but not overwhelmed. Your child should be supported and respected. It is important to find a place that will guide your child in a positive manner. You can begin with a reputable and established martial arts school or Karate school.

Our school teaches both the old school and new way of teaching martial arts to children. Additionally, we give a student guide to help your child understand the structure of the martial arts program. Grandmaster Taningco is our martial arts instructor. He loves and knows how to encourage children. The trainers are able to encourage and support learners to achieve their highest potential. The karate and Martial Arts lessons are based on a combination of years of professional experience and the goal of helping children to improve their self-worth and life skills.

The value of the service we offer is what matters most in our award-winning children’s karate and martial arts program. Grand Master Manuel Taningco attends all his children’s classes. He is available to teach the classes all day. His years of experience and knowledge are of great value to your child’s martial arts training. Grand Master Taningco is a veteran in teaching and mentoring children karate since 1976. You should not ignore the opportunity to teach your child how martial arts training can transform their lives.

It is vital that your child receives individual attention in martial arts lessons. This is their first phase in growing their confidence. Your child will soon be able to transform himself/herself through the empowerment of martial art training. Your child will be proud to invest in confidence.




Tama Martial Arts’ award-winning Children’s Karate Program near Grayson has been recognized as a leading program in children’s martial arts. Watch your child transform with the kid’s Karate classes.

Grand Master Taningco, a world-class black belts instructor, and his assistants are truly for children. They go to great lengths so that every student gets the best out of each class. We reward these extraordinary children with lots of positive reinforcement so your child will feel like “Champion” from the very beginning.

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Grayson Kung Fu lessons is a Tien Shar Pai, a style of northern fighting that comes from the Tien Shu Mountains of China. Both graceful, empty-hand movements and external movements. Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu is well-known for its Weapons Training and Weapons Forms. Tien San Pai is known for its exceptional fighting style and self defense applications. children Kung fu teaches children unique self-defense techniques. These include joint locking, throws and joint locking. After their first test, they learn to use weapons forms.


Thai boxing (or Muay Thai) is the most loved combat sport in Thailand. It has been recognized all over the globe. Grayson Muaythai kickboxing is also known by the “Art of Eight Limbs”, as it uses kicks and punches. An effective self-defense martial art.

People are becoming more interested in this form of combat sports because they focus on mental and bodily discipline.

Muay Thai lessons in Dayton
Kids Jiu-jitsu Lessons


Grayson Brazilian Jiujitsu is also known as BJJ. This fighting style & combat sport focuses on the use of leverage to defeat your opponents by acquiring prominent placements over them & applying an entrance hold (choke or jointly secure).

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be used to self-defense, for sport grappling, as well as blended martial arts. BJJ’s effectiveness is undisputed. It has also been proven for years to be a standard in every professional boxer’s toolbox.

Founder, Head Instructor
Manuel Taningco
“TAMA … building knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body through martial arts training, since 1976.”
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Although this is not something that comes naturally to everyone, self-confidence can be learned over time. Karate can help you increase your confidence as you reach new goals. Karate gives you a sense self-control and discipline which will be beneficial in all areas of your personal life.


This will increase blood circulation and allow you to feel more relaxed. You will also notice a greater range in motion in your joints, muscles, and your ability to work at your best.


You will develop coordination and power as you move through adult karate classes. Also, you’ll learn how to concentrate all your strength onto a small, hard hitting surface such as the edge of the hand and the heel of your foot. You will improve your mental strength by improving motor skills and focusing on the drills.


The learners find themselves so absorbed in the martial art that all their problems disappear.


Tama Ryu Kenpo Karate Jiujitsu enables women to focus on their natural strengths. This program allows them to use their momentum against the opponent and learn a method that can be used for self-defense against larger adversaries. Increased knowledge about your own defense abilities will improve your confidence. Awareness and confidence are often enough to deter potential attackers.


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Tama Martial Arts Center was the first freestanding building constructed in Dayton since 1988 which is just kilometers away from Grayson. Grandmaster Manuel R. Taningco envisioned a building that would house all the martial arts he had brought in under one roof. The two-acres of land that make up the facility are all available for use. The studio is approximately 8,000 square foot. The Tama Building was built with the blessings of loyal and faithful learners who supported Grandmaster Taningco throughout his 30-year tenure.

Because it was originally built for martial arts school, the building is unique. Taningco’s determination and inspiration paid off over so many years. It was through his meditation, prayers and faith that he could build this large building with the support and help of the martial art learners.

His humble beginnings were in the basement, and occasionally in the kitchen of the house where sparring was a popular activity. Taningco’s Grandmaster Gasper gave his blessing to open a club in 1976. Taningco began teaching at the Boy’s Club on Keowee Street, Dayton. He also started a club in Huber Heights through Wayne High School facility. Habitat Community Centre is down in Miamisburg. After a lot of traveling, he settled down in Belmont where the Belmont Building used to be located. Taningco transferred the studio from the Belmont Building basement to Woodman Drive. This is where “Play Guitar” is located now. In 1988, God blessed him with the opportunity to purchase the land on which Tama is currently located in order to build his dream studio.

Grandmaster Taningco opened several martial arts training centers in Centerville, Beavercreek, Beaver Heights, Beavercreek and West Chester. He sold them all to his learners, and now he manages the Tama Building on Woodman Drive. He brought Shaolin Kempo, traditional jiujitsu, Filipino Kali/Eskrima, Indonesian Pencak Silat, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Chin Na, Full Contact, Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, Aikijutsu, and Kendo. He pioneered the Children Martial Arts classes and developed a structured curriculum for most of the discipline. He arrived in Dayton in 1976 to find that there was no children class. Taningco created the Mighty Mites program and SuperKids karate classes to teach martial arts to his children Joanna and Lee, who were his first two children.


Student Reviews

“Amazing place to bring your child to Tama Martial Arts Center Kettering. These children learn well from Master Taningco. He is an experienced teacher with over 45 years’ experience. “
Nathan Metcalf
Nathan Metcalf Kid's Karate tournament trophies
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Consider giving yourself or your child a gift of confidence. Give your child the opportunity to learn lifelong skills as well as practical self-defense. confidence is one of the best ways to stop bullying.

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